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A Day for Mothers

Happy Mother’s Day everyone. In honor of those very special women, today’s post takes a shift from our usual focus and talks specifically to Moms of Brides-to-be.

So your daughter (or son) is getting married. Congratulations! You have probably thought about this day for 20+ years, wondered who their spouse will be, imagined how beautiful/handsome they will look all dressed up, and cried over losing your sweet baby. I know I have and my kids haven’t made it out of elementary school.

What do you do now that the day is arriving? Here are a few tips to help you get through one of the most momentous days of your life.

1. Remember that the wedding will only last a day, but your relationship with each other will last a lifetime. When I got married I honestly sat around trying to think of one good thing about my Mother, and had trouble thinking of anything. Now, as a mom myself, I have a list a mile long of reasons I am grateful for her. Something comes over your brain when you are planning a wedding and I am sorry to say that brides often have trouble thinking of other people when they are overwhelmed with choices to make. Please don’t take it personally. It happens to the best of us. Remember that if you can show her how to ride through this difficult time with grace and compassion, she will be stronger for it.

2. Offer to help in any way that she/he needs. This is a hard one. Especially if you are an expert with flower arranging, or a decorator, or a photographer. Even though your taste is impeccable, it might be that the bride and groom need to make these aesthetic choices together in order to grow in their relationship. Which means you might be able to help them with their marriage by licking envelopes rather than trying to design and bake the wedding cake yourself. But when in doubt, offer to help.

3. Be ready to catch when things fall apart. Things will fall apart at one point or another. The wrong cake will arrive, the caterer will go out of business, the hotel will catch fire, etc. This is when Moms shine. We spend years washing boo boos, fixing scrapes, and kissing the hurt away. Don’t wait around hoping stuff will go wrong – so you can swoop in and fix it, but be ready to help at a moments notice. Consider carrying a stage manager’s kit the day of the wedding. In a theatre, the stage manager is the person in charge of fixing everything so that all the audience sees is a flawless performance. They often bring a kit, with duct tape, safety pins, needle and thread, sharpees, etc. You can do the same by bringing a wedding kit. Include clear tape, markers, paper, needle and white/black thread, extra buttons, bobby pins, hairspray, a pen, fabric glue, and anything else you can think of. If her dress gets a tear, you can whip out your needle or your glue and fix it. Hair falling down, grab a bobby pin. Knowing you have her back is going to help your baby enjoy the best day of her life.

4. If you live far away, volunteer for jobs that keep you in contact with the couple. Accepting RSVP’s is great for this, as you get to update the couple on who is attending and it keeps you in contact with them.

5. Listen

6. If you end up doing most of the work, check in with the Bride and Groom to confirm the choices you have made will suit them best.

7. Laugh a lot.

8. Breathe

Getting married is a sacred journey: terrifying, wonderful, stressful, exciting, horrendous, and joyous. Watching your child take that journey… well there are no words that adequately express the experience. Love each other. Embrace your new child-in-law. Respect the adult you have raised. Most importantly, savor each moment.

You are the single most influential person in the life of your child, and you will always be. Way to go Moms. We salute you. And if you wanted to use your influence recommending Captured Emotions as the wedding photographer, well we would salute that too.

Destination Weddings – Bring us Along!

Baby, it is cold outside, but it doesn’t have to be. We COULD all be leaving winter in NY and travelling to an exciting destination for your wedding. At Captured Emotions, we love to travel and would happily be your wedding photographers at your destination wedding. Perhaps an island wedding adventure in the Bahamas sounds really ideal right now? Or a romantic tango in Buenos Aires?

In fact, it occurred to us this week that we have never photographed a wedding on a cruise. So if you are thinking of having a destination wedding on a cruise ship – we will take 25% off the price if you select us to come along. Thinking of a marriage in Europe, a ceremony in Hawaii, or looking like a desert rose in Arizona – we’ve got you covered. Check out pictures samples on our website, and contact us to get a better feel for who we are and what we can do for you.

Not planning a “destination” wedding, but located outside of NY? Well, we do that too. Choosing the right wedding photographer is very important business, so don’t count us out because we aren’t located in your area. It might even save you money to bring us to your town if the photography market in your area is over-priced.

Remember, most people lock in a photographer 9-12 months before the ceremony. If your wedding is sooner than that, then let us know what you need as soon as possible and we will do our best to fit you in.

We have our passports ready, and while the bags aren’t packed, all we need is your destination and we’ll get right on that. We could all use a little tropical dreaming right about now, let’s make those dreams a reality.

Rachel and Mike’s Sheldrake Point Vineyards Engagement Session

Sheldrake Point Vineyards is located in Ovid, NY, on the shores of Cayuga Lake. What a lovely backdrop for Rachel and Mike’s engagement session. Here is just a quick peek at some of our favorite portraits.

Fun Fact: Sheldrake Point was voted NY State’s Winery of the year in 2009 and 2010.

What a cute save the date card this would be!

Congratulations on your engagement Rachel and Mike. We look forward to your wedding next year!

Fun Idea Friday: The Kissing Album


When my Grandma and Grandpa had been married for 50 years, the whole family got together to celebrate their anniversary. With 7 kids, most of whom had children of their own by then, this was no small gathering! Someone put together a photo album of the couple through the years and it was fascinating to watch them literally grow old together in the album.  

That is when it hit me, why not start thinking now at the beginning of my marriage about what I want my 50th anniversary album to look like? And then I hit upon “The Kissing Album”. Every year for the first few years of marriage my husband and I seemed to have someone take a picture of us kissing each other. So what if we make it a point to kiss each other at least once a year on camera, and then we can end up with at least 50 pictures of us loving each other by the time we hit OUR 50th wedding anniversary.

This is great on multiple levels:

1. It helps me to stay focused on the idea that we will be together for 50 years. With so many relationships ending in divorce, it seems important to be planning on staying together forever, no matter what the future brings. Planning for my album is just one way of reminding myself that I am in this for the long haul.

2. My kids may someday be mortified by all the pictures of Mom and Dad kissing. Why have kids if not to mortify them by all the embarrassing lovey dovey stuff you do?

3. I just love kissing pictures. When we photograph engaged couples, weddings, re-commitment ceremonies, or anniversary celebrations, we always end up taking pictures of the happy couple kissing each other, because that is what two people who love each other do to show affection. Kiss together, bliss forever!

Now, maybe the kissing album is not your cup of tea, but its not too early at the beginning of your marriage to be thinking about what kind of relationship you want your grandkids to see in 50 years. Maybe if more people had a 50 year plan, we would learn to let go of the bad things and revel a little more in the joyful times we have together.

Fun Idea Friday: Making your Wedding Kid Friendly

If a kid friendly wedding is what you want, then here are a few tips for keeping kids, happy, entertained, and feeling important at your wedding and reception. If you have kids, this can be especially important because this is, in a way, their big day too.

So here are a few ideas we came up with, let us know with a comment if you have some of your own!

1. I know we’ve said it before, but DON’T make small children stand up on the platform during the whole ceremony. You are just asking for trouble. Having been a bridesmaid 8 times, I can tell you grown adults get cranky standing up for an hour, but kids are not so good at hiding those emotions.

2. DO include your kids in the big day. If the bride or groom (or both) have kids already, then they are becoming a family. Take Nancy and Michael’s wedding (see our previous blog), where the kids participated in prayer as a family and took part in the ceremony. Its important that they understand this is a new parent, for better or worse, richer or poorer.

3. Have kids fun packs at the reception with quiet but fun activities (crayons and coloring books – or better yet color wonder markers that can’t stain or write on anything but color wonder paper – puzzles, mad-libs, rubiks cube, silly bands, etc). What you include will of course be up to the age of the kids you are inviting, but be creative. Even adults like a good fun pack so if your reception is a long way from your ceremony site, why not give the adults some wedding mad-libs to work on during the ride?

4. Ask your caterer to serve kid friendly meals – and sparkling grape juice during the champagne toast. Who doesn’t like something fun and bubbly? Need to save some cash – get raspberry ginger-ale instead.

5. Be sure you put on the invitations that this is a kid friendly wedding. Some guests may still opt for a babysitter so they can enjoy themselves, but this way your kids might actually have some friends to dance and be silly with during the reception.

6. Consider hiring a babysitter to attend the day. Have her be the go-to person for the kids, make sure they are eating, using the restroom, and having fun. It will probably be her favorite sitting job yet, and you can focus on the task of getting married without concern.

7. Have a bouquet toss/garter toss kid friendly alternative. There is nothing more awkward than having your 7 yr old catch the bouquet and creepy uncle Elmer catching the garter, while everyone shudders at the thought of him putting it on her leg. Instead, have the “kids toss” first with a smaller bouquet – or let your flower girl do the tossing during your big moment. Little boys may not need a garter, but might be interested in “who can catch the rubber band”, but be cautious because that game could be painful for other guests later in the night!

8. Start your day earlier. If your kids are in bed by 8pm normally, then your reception should be winding down close to that time as well – or at least the kids portion of it. So get married at 2 and have your reception at 3. Then you can get the dancing done first and have dinner at 5 or 6. Be considerate of the fact that kids can only be on their best behavior for so long, and that it is way more difficult if they are tired.

9. Have fun and be silly. Maybe you can use strawberry shortcake dolls as cake toppers, have centerpieces made of toys, provide party hats for your guests as your favor, or do other things that make your kids feel like it is a party for them too.

Well, that’s the list. We hope you got some great ideas for kid proofing your wedding and we look forward to hearing some of yours!

Designed for Success: Stacie and Scott’s Owego, NY Wedding

Recently, we photographed Stacie and Scott’s wedding and reception at the Owego Treaway Inn. Just look at the gorgeous flowers and reception design. Every detail of this wedding was exquisite and elegant.

Congratulations Stacie and Scott, for designing a beautiful wedding and a beautiful life together. We wish you a lifetime of happiness.

Lights, Camera, Action, and Take 2: A Binghamton, NY Wedding Re-do


So you didn’t choose Captured Emotions as your wedding photographer. We understand. Some people have to learn things the hard way. But your wedding pictures have come in and they don’t do you justice. Just when you are kicking yourself for your poor choice, you find this blog and say to yourself, “That is exactly what I need. I want a re-do”!

Well, we can do that!

Maybe you eloped and now you are thinking some formal wedding photography would be nice to have around your house.

Well, we can do that too!

Alexis felt just this way about her wedding pictures. Her pictures did not reflect all the hard work and beauty of her wedding day. To put it in her own words “my pictures were cruddy”.

But rather than just grin and bear it, she found her way to Captured Emotions and we tried again. The pictures on this blog are just a few of the new pictures from her bridal session re-do. A special thanks to The Wedding Works of Endicott, NY for helping Alexis with her dress and veil. With their help, some new flowers, and a little hair and makeup she was all set to do some fabulous new portraits.

Are you?

Fun Idea Friday: Going Green

It seems to be the big trend these days, “going green” so we thought we would brainstorm some ways to make your wedding more earth friendly. Here’s what we came up with:

1. Use leaves collected in autumn as your “rice” substitute. Not only are they colorful, they are certainly biodegradable and add a touch of class to a fall wedding.

2. Instead of driving away in a limo – find a rickshaw, or take a bicycle built for two. We think this would be fabulous, as long as you don’t have far to go, and you change into your “going away” outfit. Poofy gowns and bicycles may not be a winning combination.

3. Make a unity candle holder out of recycled materials – like a log from your yard or some stones

4. Rather than cut flowers, consider having bouquets made from potted flowers that you can save and plant in your yard after the ceremony. Use potted trees, shrubs, and plants to decorate the church and reception site and use them all in your own landscaping. Why not keep them forever instead of just throwing them away?

5. Sew the garter from something you already own – a handkerchief, your mother’s wedding dress, your christening gown, etc.

Those are ideas we came up with. Leave us a comment and tell us if you have any more to add!

An Autumn Wedding – Stacie and Scott’s Binghamton, NY Wedding Sneak Peak

This past weekend we had the pleasure of photographing Stacie and Scott as they vowed to love each other as husband and wife. What beautiful fall colors they chose for their autumn wedding. Here’s a sneak peek of their pictures, but of course there will be more to come!

This is at the Owego Treadway Inn. Its truly gorgeous in autumn.

Congratulations Stacie and Scott! Thanks for including us in on your special day.

More Splashes of Color: Matt and Bobbi-Jo’s Binghamton, NY wedding

At Captured Emotions we love our jobs. Each wedding is so unique and personal we love to see people celebrate love together. Matt and Bobbi-Jo are a perfect example of a couple who took the time to consider what they are really about and let that show in their whole wedding day event. From the cowboy boots and bright and beautiful color choices to an autumn outdoor setting at Mountain Top View and portraits with their own hunting gear, this wedding declared that Matt and Bobbi-Jo are a couple who know themselves well.

In case you wanted to know, Bobbi-Jo’s dress was from Dress Your Fancy in Greene, NY, the flowers are from Lady Bug Florist in Whitney Point, and the cake was made by Cakes By Judy.

He wore his cowboy hat, she wore her boots, and they both wore us out with the great opportunities for pictures throughout the day.

Choosing a fall wedding date was the perfect choice for this colorful wedding. Just look at how vibrant those bridesmaid dresses are with the splash of color on Bobbi-Jo’s wedding dress

This picture was taken at Dorchester Park. Isn’t it beautiful?

Who needs cupid? Bobbi-Jo looks like she can take care of herself, even in a ball gown!

We were told this couple likes to hunt, so what would be better than pictures with the rifles and capping the day off with a camouflage cake?

Clearly we weren’t the only ones who had a great time.

Congratulations Matt and Bobbi-Jo. We had a great time and send you all the best wishes for the future.