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Fun Idea Friday: Optioning the Veil

To veil or not to veil, that is the first question. But if you decide the answer is you want some sort of wedding veil, the options are just beginning. So here are some pictures of veil types we have seen in the last few years, and some pros and cons to go with them.

This bride opted out of the veil quandary  all together. After all, the veil comes from a tradition of hiding the goods until a transfer of property has been officially arranged via marriage. A modern woman might balk at that association.

Cathedral length veils or floor length veils certainly are very elegant. This California bride looks pretty stunning in that veil. Pros: gorgeous. Cons: gets in the way while dancing or turning at all, might cause quite a problem in an outdoor wedding on a windy day.

Ah, the netting. This classy throwback to the mid 20th century works in a very contemporary way. The choice of black easily lends itself to a hipster feel, or you could choose traditional white like the bride in the first picture on our blog. Pros: no messy veil in windy conditions, nothing in the way of dancing, super classy. Cons: not actually a veil in the traditional sense, so you can’t include the moment where it is lifted into your ceremony

Elbow length veil or mid-length veil with blusher (or piece that goes in front of your face). This is probably the most popular option so far this season. Pros: Easy to include the lifting the veil moment in your ceremony. Veil in front of your face is mysterious and beautiful. Cons: Having two layers makes the veil poofier (this might be a pro if you like that)

One tier veils, that don’t cover the face are also a popular option. Usually Elbow, waist, or fingertip length, pros: still get that beautiful veil look without having netting in your face, usually attached with a comb that can be removed for dancing or other fun times later in the night. Also, your veil look can be more streamlined and less poofy. Cons: you don’t get that flipping the veil moment, or those pictures photographers love to take with both couples inside the veil.

Whatever you choose, be true to who you are. And of course, remember that Captured Emotions is happy to photograph any kind of veil you like.

Fun Idea Friday: Personalized Clothes Hangers

We’ve heard of personalized bags, towels, jewelry, but when we ran across this fun new idea for Bridal party gifts, we just had to share it. These awesome hangers come with whatever you like written in the wire of the hanger. For example, you could get these for your Bridesmaids and have each of their first names bent into the wire. Then there’s no risk of getting the dresses mixed up and they have a keepsake from the day. You could also go with nicknames or silly titles (I am thinking “future Mrs. Brad Pitt” or perhaps something shorter like “the fun one”).

There are lots of vendors who do this type of hanger personalization, but the picture above comes from Jana Gail Designs. If you choose to get these, look for hangers specifically designed to hold up heavy gowns. Some are too flimsy for heavy garments and though it will look pretty, a hanger you can’t put your clothes on is not worth it!