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Let it Snow! – Johanna and Jonathan’s Southern Tier Engagement Pictures

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Not only are we pretty sure that contrary to the song, the weather outside is NOT frightful, we think it is perfect for some fabulous, unique, engagement pictures. And as you can see, the fire is indeed delightful.

We had the pleasure of photographing Johanna and Jonathan this past week, and mother nature cooperated with a beautiful winter backdrop for their engagement session. You just can’t create indoor photographs that match this kind of setting.

One of the benefits of using Captured Emotions as your wedding photographer is the free engagement session in your favorite location.  We can’t wait until these two become one next November.

Want more information about the happy couple and their big day? You could visit their free Captured Emotions Website,

or even better, choose us as your wedding photographer, and you could be visiting your own website instead.

If you live in NY’s Southern Tier, you already have the perfect setting for your pictures, so you are halfway there to beautiful engagement portraits. But winter will not be here much longer, so don’t wait. You can find us at

Fara and Jon’s Binghamton, NY Engagement Session

Here’s a little peek of Fara and Jon’s Engagement Session. At Captured Emotions, we love doing engagement portraits in unique settings and with a variety of outfits. Seriously, kudos to Fara on some awesome shoes for her session. We are looking forward to working with them again at their wedding in May 2011.

Isn’t the Binghamton, NY area just gorgeous this time of year?

What did we tell you about shoes. These are awesome!

A toast to the happy couple!

And these boots too. Really if you love shoes this must be the girl to know.

Congratulations Jon and Fara, we are sure it will be a fabulous wedding and wish you a fabulous lifetime together too.