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Fun Idea Friday: Outdoor Weddings in Binghamton, NY?

Outdoor weddings? Really? With an average rainfall of over 38 inches per year in Binghamton, and the heaviest rainfall period in June, can this really be a viable option? The answer, surprisingly, is YES!

A return to the outdoors and a simpler more rustic elegance is exactly where brides seem to be heading this year, and while you may be more likely to be blessed with some rain on your wedding day in the Binghamton, NY area, you shouldn’t let that get in the way of your dream wedding.

This gazebo at the Owego Treadway Inn and Suites won't protect your guests from rain, but it will keep you nice and dry (and the sun out of your face) during the ceremony. Of course, you can move the ceremony inside to a ballroom fairly easily if you are blessed with a flash flood.

There are plenty of outdoor wedding venues with a rain backup location. The key is having a backup and making the decision to switch to the backup in a timely fashion.

One easy way to have a sure-fire backup is to plan the reception inside a pavillion or a tent. Then if weather doesn't cooperate, you can just move the ceremony under the roof.

It may not be a sure thing to plan an outdoor wedding, but you cannot manufacture anything to compare to the ambiance of flowers, trees, and a cool breeze. If your heart is set on it, don’t give up on your dreams. Oh, and don’t forget to hire Captured Emotions as your wedding photographer. (Just saying).