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Something Old- Wedding Traditions in Binghamton, NY Wedding Photography

Someone once told me, “we stand on the shoulders of giants”. While I now know he was actually just quoting somebody else, at the time the idea struck me as brilliant. We all have the benefit of learning from those who came before us, and it is not that we are very tall or impressive, but our families and our friends provide the shoulders for us to stand on. Our past has made us who we are and made us strong.

So we wanted to highlight two couples who embraced their heritage by upholding or re-adjusting the traditions handed down to them by their forefathers (and probably their fore-mothers too!).

Recently, we photographed the wedding of a bride whose Christening bonnet had been turned into a handkerchief for her wedding day. It very neatly became her “something old” (you know the rhyme – something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue). What’s more, apparently she can turn it back into a baby bonnet in a few easy steps and use it again for her own children someday. It was accompanied by a cute little poem describing what it was used for, and a place to record the dates and events that hanky has participated in. What a great idea! For instructions, visit this website:

They also were able to incorporate traditional kilts into their reception, in order to uphold a tradition without compromising their wedding ceremony aesthetic ideals. This way they have plenty of pictures of the groom in his tuxedo, but he got to have a little family fun too.

Or take this couple who upheld their orthodox traditions by including crowns in their ceremony. Though traditional orthodox crowns are often made of metal, they chose to use flower crowns instead.

They also participated in the tradition of the bride taking off her veil during the reception and replacing it with a bonnet made out of her mother’s wedding dress.

Making a space for that “something old” is a great way to honor and preserve your heritage, and let your children know just whose shoulders they are standing on.