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2012 Weddings

What a crazy Wedding Season we had in 2012.  We just weren’t able to keep up with posting our favorite wedding pictures as we were so busy editing and designing albums for our brides.  But we are going to catch up this winter and share with us some of our favorites from 2012 in the next several weeks.  Since no post is complete without a picture, I will leave you with one of my favorite pictures from our last wedding of 2012.  🙂


Its all in the details

You work very hard to make your wedding day one that will be memorable, sentimental, beautiful, and uniquely “you”, and the proof is in the details; all of those little things that when joined together make your wedding, well, yours. At Captured Emotions, we think the details are important. Especially because you will have so much going on during your wedding that you may not even have a chance to see them until you get your pictures.

When someone says to you “the devil is in the details” they are trying to say that the hard part of planning a wedding is getting all of those details just perfect. We can’t speak to the involvement of the devil, but we can appreciate that making all of those details perfect is hard work. Which is why at Captured Emotions, we are “detail oriented”. We like to take some time to make sure we can capture as many details as we can. When we post your portraits on our secure website after your wedding, we like to make a folder just for those extra detail photographs.

So go ahead, sweat the small stuff. If you choose Captured Emotions as your wedding photographers, you’ll be sure to get a chance to see how it all turned out and you’ll be able to keep those details your whole life long.

Its Like Rain on Your Wedding Day


You’ve made all your plans, sent all of your invitations, paid the caterers, the photographer (maybe even Captured Emotions?), the DJ, the florist, the cake decorator, and you wake up on the morning of your outdoor wedding, only to discover


While Alanis may have been a little off on her definition of irony, it often still comes as a surprise when the world doesn’t appear to be as joyful as you are. But just because there’s a little rain in the air does not mean you can’t have that beautiful wedding of your dreams. In fact, rain is traditionally a sign of good luck for your nuptial day. After all, when you are tying the knot, what can make the knot harder to untie than getting the ropes wet? 

A few weeks ago we photographed a beautiful rain-filled wedding, and this Bride and Groom did not let a little moisture ruin their big day. We just had to be more creative about where we took the outdoor portraits! We waited for a break in the rain, found a tarp to put down so her dress wouldn’t get dirty, took some outdoor photographs standing inside the gazebo, and still took tons of indoor photographs too.

If you are planning an outdoor ceremony, here are some tips for when Mother Nature blesses you with some extra “good luck”. 

1. Consider having personalized umbrellas as favors at the wedding. If it’s sunny, folks can use them to provide a little shade. But if you are blessed with some showers, your guests will stay dry and fabulous and you will look ultra prepared. Plus they will remember your fabulous day every time they pull out an umbrella. Try if you need a place to price out personalized rain gear.

2. Buy a pretty tablecloth that coordinates with your wedding colors. If it stays sunny, you will have a tablecloth that reminds you of your special day. If it rains, you can use it to stand on damp ground without getting your dress and shoes muddy or wet. Odds are good it won’t be raining all day and you want to be prepared to get some portraits in between the showers. 

3. Bring a pair of back up shoes with higher/chunky heels. That way, your dress will be a few inches higher off the ground when you need it to stay nice while travelling between the ceremony and the reception. 

4. Rent or buy a cape. They are so beautiful over a dress. While more common at winter weddings, you can usually get one from your local wedding dress shop and it will keep the water off your dress. 

A little water on your wedding day, or even a tropical storm, is no reason to panic. Just be prepared and you can swim in your good fortune – no matter what the weather has in store.

Do you have your own rainy day wedding ideas? Leave a comment and let us know what you came up with.