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Eileen + Steve | Traditions at the Glen Wedding

After a crazy wedding season and the holidays, I am finally getting caught up on blogging some of our 2014 weddings.  I first met Eileen when she was a bridesmaid in her cousin’s wedding.  It is always an honor when families ask us to come back and photograph their next weddings.  🙂  Eileen & Steve’s wedding was especially fun because they had a live band who kept the dance floor packed all night.  We had the best time with Eileen, Steve and their families!


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2013 Danel Bridal Fashion Show at the Holiday Inn Arena

We had a fantastic time Saturday night at Danel Bridal Salon‘s Fashion Show at the Holiday Inn in Binghamton.  I brought my 2 oldest girls with me and they LOVED seeing everyone all dressed up.  Those ladies (and gentlemen) did a fantastic job modeling!  Although my 10 year old did say in the car on the way home.  “I wonder if all those men really wanted to be there, or did their wives make them do it.”  🙂






Fun Idea Friday: Winter Engagement Pictures

I love, love, love snowy Winter Engagement Sessions.  There is something about the snow on the ground as a backdrop that is so beautiful and makes for some amazing Engagement Pictures.  One of our favorite things is when couples decide they want to have a theme for their Engagement Sessions.  There are so many fun things to choose from…

Alicia & Richard brought an antique toboggan and we had a lot of fun with them racing down the hill at Wolfe Park.

Hannah & Jon decided to make a fire and roast marshmallows.

Sometimes, even in Upstate New York, we don’t get any snow.  This winter has been one of the warmest winters we’ve had in a long time and for Ashley & Josh’s January Engagement Session you would think we would have tons of snow.  But not this year.  The grass was green and there was no snow in sight.  But even without snow, you can still have beautiful Winter Engagement Pictures.  The woods are always a beautiful spot to have your Engagement Pictures taken.  We got some amazing pictures of Ashley & Josh just walking around in the woods, and Josh knew the perfect spot with the most amazing tree.

So whether you want to go sledding, roast some marshmallows or just take a walk through the woods, remember that you can personalize your Engagement Session any way that you would like!

Fun Idea Friday: Photographing the First Look

We have mentioned the first look before on our blog, but after Nicole and Brett’s fabulous first look, we felt that this deserved to be a part of our Fun Idea Friday post. On Fridays we try to blog about something new or different in the world of weddings.

While this tradition isn’t “new”, we think it is something so fabulous it should be a part of everyone’s wedding day. Rather than waiting to see each other when you walk down the aisle, the idea of the first look is to find a private spot before the wedding where the Bride and Groom can see each other all dressed and ready to go –  and savor that moment as a couple. We had one at my own wedding, and it was so wonderful to be able to take each other in privately before our public debut. My only regret – the photographer wasn’t invited!

On the day of your wedding, taking time out to connect with each other is the perfect way to make sure you are focused on a marriage rather than a ceremony. A first look gives you an opportunity to exchange gifts with each other, to laugh together, to cry together, and to love one another without a crowd of people watching you.

Nicole and Brett had their moment in a park. Brett found a secluded place to stand and Nicole walked behind him and put her hand on his shoulder when it was time for him to turn around.

On her way to see Brett for the first time today

Waiting patiently for his bride

Choosing to have a first look is practical for the photographer, because it allows you to take more pictures of the couple before the ceremony rather than having to take time out of the reception. But more than just being practical, this tradition is intimate; a way to touch base with the one you love before you face your family and friends as a single person for the last time.


You can tell by their faces how much these two love each other. We were privileged to be a part of their day and can’t wait to stay a part of their lives.

A Tribute to Dads: Tips for the Father of the Bride

It seems like it was just yesterday she was running through meadows, pigtails flying, grin from ear to ear, picking daisies and doing cartwheels. Now, in the blink of an eye your baby has turned into a sophisticated woman, dressed in white, glowing with joy, and today of all days will become an indelible imprint in your memory – it is her wedding day.

How did it happen? Where did the time go? Even though someone probably told you along the way that men don’t cry, you might feel a sudden flood of emotion today. It’s a day of joy (hooray, she is out of the house and this will hopefully be the last time she costs you money) and loss (you won’t be the number one man in her life anymore). In honor of Father’s Day next Sunday, we wanted to take a moment to tip our hats to those remarkable men who give so much and get so little – Dads.

So if you find yourself the father of the bride here are a few ideas for getting through this major life-changing day:

1. Bring a handkerchief and keep it in your tux. Odds are good that your calm, collected, sophisticated daughter will cry as you walk down the aisle with her, and it’s nice to be able to offer her a handkerchief in her time of need so she doesn’t have to sniffle through the whole ceremony. There may also be a teeny tiny chance that you get misty as well, so if you can find a way to pack two that is even better.

2. Give your daughter your blessing out loud. This may seem antiquated, but even if you didn’t require her fiance to ask for your permission or blessing, you may want to take a moment on her wedding day to let her know that you wish them well. A bride with last-minute jitters finds enormous comfort in the reassurance of her father that she has chosen well.

3. Consider dance lessons to surprise your daughter for the father-daughter dance. If dancing isn’t usually your thing, don’t worry! No one expects perfection from your dance. They will, however, be impressed if your dance includes a few turns, a dip, and a smile from you. These things should be achievable in less than an hour of practice – so wow the crowd.

4. Take the time to plan your toast. Wait, did you know it is traditional for the father of the bride to give a toast? Well, it is. After all, it is also traditional for you to pay for the wedding, so folks expect to hear from their hosts. Practice your whole speech beforehand to make sure you say the things you want to say (and don’t say the things you would be better of without). In this day and age of technology, you might even find that a power point presentation with accompanying embarrassing slides of her as a toddler lends itself to a festive mood.

5. Try not to take any insensitivity personally. Brides have so much pressure on them, especially in the last week of wedding planning, and it is sometimes the moment they say something insensitive, or forget to ask your opinion. Please remember, that even though today she is marrying someone and leaving you forever – you will always be her Daddy and she will always need your strength, courage, humor, and warmth in her life.

So, thanks Dads. You are unforgettable.

Do you have a tip for a future Father of the Bride? Leave a comment with your own ideas.

Fun Idea Friday: Outdoor Weddings in Binghamton, NY?

Outdoor weddings? Really? With an average rainfall of over 38 inches per year in Binghamton, and the heaviest rainfall period in June, can this really be a viable option? The answer, surprisingly, is YES!

A return to the outdoors and a simpler more rustic elegance is exactly where brides seem to be heading this year, and while you may be more likely to be blessed with some rain on your wedding day in the Binghamton, NY area, you shouldn’t let that get in the way of your dream wedding.

This gazebo at the Owego Treadway Inn and Suites won't protect your guests from rain, but it will keep you nice and dry (and the sun out of your face) during the ceremony. Of course, you can move the ceremony inside to a ballroom fairly easily if you are blessed with a flash flood.

There are plenty of outdoor wedding venues with a rain backup location. The key is having a backup and making the decision to switch to the backup in a timely fashion.

One easy way to have a sure-fire backup is to plan the reception inside a pavillion or a tent. Then if weather doesn't cooperate, you can just move the ceremony under the roof.

It may not be a sure thing to plan an outdoor wedding, but you cannot manufacture anything to compare to the ambiance of flowers, trees, and a cool breeze. If your heart is set on it, don’t give up on your dreams. Oh, and don’t forget to hire Captured Emotions as your wedding photographer. (Just saying).

Fun Idea Friday: The Writing on The Wall at Binghamton, NY Weddings

Dynamic Lightscaping. Wall Monograms. Name projections. Uplighting. Whatever you call it, there is something exciting happening at weddings in Binghamton, NY and we are big fans.

More than just providing music, most DJ’s can now provide a whole lighting atmosphere, transforming your reception venue into something magical. Probably our favorite feature is the projected monograms or names on the wall. Check out some of the reception photographs from Jessica and Jon’s wedding at the Owego Treadway.

In this case their DJ was Jimmie Malone, who may have been the first DJ in the area to start offering this feature. (The House of Treasures did the decorating.) Did you notice all that gorgeous purple uplighting? Not part of the reception site or the decorations, but brought by the DJ. It comes in a variety of colors, and though we are only showing the purple lights here, Jessica and Jon had a rainbow of colors that changed throughout their reception.

Your wedding should project who you are to your family and friends – what better way than writing your name?

Fun Idea Friday: The Candy Bar

We all know there should be cake at a wedding, but a fun new trend that is popping up is to also have a “Candy Bar”, the cute little name for a Buffet of candy guests can grab from at the end of the night (or all night long if you like). These can be elaborate or simple, you can theme them with your wedding colors or do it yourself with homemade candies (we strongly recommend delegating out that responsibility!!!). Candies like M&M’s can be bought in single colors now, so the sky is the limit.

When I was a kid growing up in Endicott, NY there were a few little pleasures I always looked forward to. Pleasure one, was going out for Pat Mitchell’s ice cream. Pleasure two, was selling (and eating) Gertrude Hawk candy. And pleasure three, was getting to visit a little candy store in Endicott, NY not too far from OLGC which sold nickel candy in every variety imaginable (or so it felt at the time). Since my parents weren’t too fond of passing out candy, I distinctly remember that euphoric feeling of finally being allowed to go in the store with my dollar and buy bunches of nickel candy. It was like walking into 8-year-old heaven. It came in a crinkly brown paper bag and the feeling was a mixture of Halloween and Easter rolled into one.

Your wedding guests might just feel the same way too when they walk up to your candy bar and don’t even need a nickel to enjoy some of those awesome childhood treats.

If you were thinking this might make a good “Do It Yourself” project, here’s a link to a website with detailed instructions:

Fun Idea Friday: The Kissing Album


When my Grandma and Grandpa had been married for 50 years, the whole family got together to celebrate their anniversary. With 7 kids, most of whom had children of their own by then, this was no small gathering! Someone put together a photo album of the couple through the years and it was fascinating to watch them literally grow old together in the album.  

That is when it hit me, why not start thinking now at the beginning of my marriage about what I want my 50th anniversary album to look like? And then I hit upon “The Kissing Album”. Every year for the first few years of marriage my husband and I seemed to have someone take a picture of us kissing each other. So what if we make it a point to kiss each other at least once a year on camera, and then we can end up with at least 50 pictures of us loving each other by the time we hit OUR 50th wedding anniversary.

This is great on multiple levels:

1. It helps me to stay focused on the idea that we will be together for 50 years. With so many relationships ending in divorce, it seems important to be planning on staying together forever, no matter what the future brings. Planning for my album is just one way of reminding myself that I am in this for the long haul.

2. My kids may someday be mortified by all the pictures of Mom and Dad kissing. Why have kids if not to mortify them by all the embarrassing lovey dovey stuff you do?

3. I just love kissing pictures. When we photograph engaged couples, weddings, re-commitment ceremonies, or anniversary celebrations, we always end up taking pictures of the happy couple kissing each other, because that is what two people who love each other do to show affection. Kiss together, bliss forever!

Now, maybe the kissing album is not your cup of tea, but its not too early at the beginning of your marriage to be thinking about what kind of relationship you want your grandkids to see in 50 years. Maybe if more people had a 50 year plan, we would learn to let go of the bad things and revel a little more in the joyful times we have together.