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Wedded Bliss – Nicole and Brett’s Joyful Binghamton, NY Wedding

Some weddings make you cry, some make you laugh. The best ones do both. But for this blog post we want to highlight a bride and groom whose ceremony and reception were so full of joy, we think you will smile just to look at them.

You may remember Nicole and Brett from their engagement pictures this fall. Brett proposed on a picnic in the park and we went back to the park for their engagement portraits.

Last weekend we had the pleasure of photographing their wedding as well. We hope you enjoy looking at the portraits as much as we enjoyed taking them.

Nicole and Brett, we wish you a lifetime of joy. Thank you for letting us celebrate with you.

Fun Idea Friday: Building on a Theme – Themed Engagement Pictures in Binghamton, NY

On Fridays we like to take time out from our regular posts to celebrate fun new ideas in the world of weddings, and this week is no exception. After all, who wants cookie cutter boring engagement pictures? Why not personalize your session with something that is ALL YOU?

This week we had the pleasure to do just that with engagement portraits for Amanda and DJ. Not wanting to stop at just one theme, they actually chose two.

First, they decided to have a retro, 50’s style theme. Just check out some of the adorable shots.

Why choose a theme, you might ask? Well themed engagement pictures are a perfect way to set the tone for a theme wedding. They can help your guests get in the spirit of the era before they even start thinking about dressing for the wedding. Another good reason is if you just love it. I just love to dress up in costumes and this would have been perfect for me. A third reason: you want to bring out the real “you”. Thus we arrive at Amanda and DJ’s second theme, working on the house.

One of their favorite activities is working on the house together, so what better way to capture them as a couple than to photograph them doing just that?!

Whatever your theme, we love to do new and unique things with your session, so just let us know your ideas. Our next Fun Idea Friday Blog might just be about you and your great idea!

A Day for Mothers

Happy Mother’s Day everyone. In honor of those very special women, today’s post takes a shift from our usual focus and talks specifically to Moms of Brides-to-be.

So your daughter (or son) is getting married. Congratulations! You have probably thought about this day for 20+ years, wondered who their spouse will be, imagined how beautiful/handsome they will look all dressed up, and cried over losing your sweet baby. I know I have and my kids haven’t made it out of elementary school.

What do you do now that the day is arriving? Here are a few tips to help you get through one of the most momentous days of your life.

1. Remember that the wedding will only last a day, but your relationship with each other will last a lifetime. When I got married I honestly sat around trying to think of one good thing about my Mother, and had trouble thinking of anything. Now, as a mom myself, I have a list a mile long of reasons I am grateful for her. Something comes over your brain when you are planning a wedding and I am sorry to say that brides often have trouble thinking of other people when they are overwhelmed with choices to make. Please don’t take it personally. It happens to the best of us. Remember that if you can show her how to ride through this difficult time with grace and compassion, she will be stronger for it.

2. Offer to help in any way that she/he needs. This is a hard one. Especially if you are an expert with flower arranging, or a decorator, or a photographer. Even though your taste is impeccable, it might be that the bride and groom need to make these aesthetic choices together in order to grow in their relationship. Which means you might be able to help them with their marriage by licking envelopes rather than trying to design and bake the wedding cake yourself. But when in doubt, offer to help.

3. Be ready to catch when things fall apart. Things will fall apart at one point or another. The wrong cake will arrive, the caterer will go out of business, the hotel will catch fire, etc. This is when Moms shine. We spend years washing boo boos, fixing scrapes, and kissing the hurt away. Don’t wait around hoping stuff will go wrong – so you can swoop in and fix it, but be ready to help at a moments notice. Consider carrying a stage manager’s kit the day of the wedding. In a theatre, the stage manager is the person in charge of fixing everything so that all the audience sees is a flawless performance. They often bring a kit, with duct tape, safety pins, needle and thread, sharpees, etc. You can do the same by bringing a wedding kit. Include clear tape, markers, paper, needle and white/black thread, extra buttons, bobby pins, hairspray, a pen, fabric glue, and anything else you can think of. If her dress gets a tear, you can whip out your needle or your glue and fix it. Hair falling down, grab a bobby pin. Knowing you have her back is going to help your baby enjoy the best day of her life.

4. If you live far away, volunteer for jobs that keep you in contact with the couple. Accepting RSVP’s is great for this, as you get to update the couple on who is attending and it keeps you in contact with them.

5. Listen

6. If you end up doing most of the work, check in with the Bride and Groom to confirm the choices you have made will suit them best.

7. Laugh a lot.

8. Breathe

Getting married is a sacred journey: terrifying, wonderful, stressful, exciting, horrendous, and joyous. Watching your child take that journey… well there are no words that adequately express the experience. Love each other. Embrace your new child-in-law. Respect the adult you have raised. Most importantly, savor each moment.

You are the single most influential person in the life of your child, and you will always be. Way to go Moms. We salute you. And if you wanted to use your influence recommending Captured Emotions as the wedding photographer, well we would salute that too.

Let it Snow! – Johanna and Jonathan’s Southern Tier Engagement Pictures

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Not only are we pretty sure that contrary to the song, the weather outside is NOT frightful, we think it is perfect for some fabulous, unique, engagement pictures. And as you can see, the fire is indeed delightful.

We had the pleasure of photographing Johanna and Jonathan this past week, and mother nature cooperated with a beautiful winter backdrop for their engagement session. You just can’t create indoor photographs that match this kind of setting.

One of the benefits of using Captured Emotions as your wedding photographer is the free engagement session in your favorite location.  We can’t wait until these two become one next November.

Want more information about the happy couple and their big day? You could visit their free Captured Emotions Website,

or even better, choose us as your wedding photographer, and you could be visiting your own website instead.

If you live in NY’s Southern Tier, you already have the perfect setting for your pictures, so you are halfway there to beautiful engagement portraits. But winter will not be here much longer, so don’t wait. You can find us at

Winter Weekend Special for Southern Tier Brides

Congratulations on your engagement (or the engagement of your daughter/son which now has you googling wedding websites). I thought you might want to know about our winter weekend special, as you peruse tips and timelines. But hurry- the weekend is nearly half over and this special has an expiration date.  

Book your wedding sometime this weekend before the end of Monday, January 31st and get the High Resolution DVD with all your pictures for $99 when you purchase any 2 Photographer package!  Now, that is one package with two photographers, not two packages. Because who buys their wedding photography for all their children at once? This will save you several hundred dollars plus give you a copyright waiver which means you can print extra pictures for yourself eventually.

We would love to have the opportunity to meet with you and show you our wedding albums.  Our wedding photography packages start at $899.  

Call us at (607) 953-5055 to schedule a consultation.

Remember – we offer FREE Engagement Pictures!!!
All of our Packages come with:
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Go to our Facebook Fan Page to check out some of the engagement pictures we have taken lately.

A Year in Review: The 2010 Binghamton, NY Brides

The 2011 Owego Treadway Bridal Show

I know this blog should have come out at the end of December, but now that the holidays are over I wanted to take the time to show you some of the trends in bridal gowns we saw last year around the Binghamton, NY area.

So many Bride magazines talk about last year’s trends and then show you models in dresses they never wore to weddings that never happened. We thought it might be more helpful for you to see real brides in your area last year – doing what bride’s do best – GETTING MARRIED.

If you got married in 2010 and I don’t include your pictures below – please note that it is not personal or a statement of disrespect to your beautiful gown. We just photograph more weddings than I could possibly fit into one blog! Chances are you are on our facebook page or our website somewhere else.

So what trends did we see last year?

Layered/textured dresses. Most of these gorgeous gals chose dresses with layers or interesting textures to the material, rather than sleek tight fitting dresses

Strapless: We saw many strapless wedding dresses this year, and it made no difference whether the bride is a petite size 2 or in plus sizes. We say, wear a dress you feel beautiful in and don’t limit yourself based on size.

Low necklines and high necklaces: Even brides who didn’t choose a strapless gown seemed to choose lower necklines, with jewelry that hung close to the neck but was not a choker.

Did you notice other trends last year? Leave us a comment and let us know about it. We have photo documentation to prove/disprove your story.

Fara and Jon’s Binghamton, NY Engagement Session

Here’s a little peek of Fara and Jon’s Engagement Session. At Captured Emotions, we love doing engagement portraits in unique settings and with a variety of outfits. Seriously, kudos to Fara on some awesome shoes for her session. We are looking forward to working with them again at their wedding in May 2011.

Isn’t the Binghamton, NY area just gorgeous this time of year?

What did we tell you about shoes. These are awesome!

A toast to the happy couple!

And these boots too. Really if you love shoes this must be the girl to know.

Congratulations Jon and Fara, we are sure it will be a fabulous wedding and wish you a fabulous lifetime together too.

Forming a Family: Nancy and Michael’s Wedding

And the two shall become… 6?  In October, Nancy and Michael joined their families together and not only started a new life as husband and wife, but started a new family as well. Here are a few pictures from the wedding, and best wishes from us to them as they start out this journey as man, wife, and family.

They held their reception at the Terra Cotta in Binghamton, NY.

After the couple’s First dance came the mother son dance, and then the Bride danced with her daughter. Finally, the piece de resistance, a special family dance to the cha cha slide!

Congratulations Nancy and Michael. May you have many wonderful years of happiness.

Marissa and Harley’s Binghamton, NY Engagement Portraits

Marissa and Harley are engaged! Here are some pictures from their engagement session. Isn’t Autumn in NY a great time of year for outdoor portraits?

There’s just something about black and white photography that will always be classic.

For this one they got the whole family involved.

We look forward to seeing you again next year at your wedding – Happy Wedding Planning!

Designed for Success: Stacie and Scott’s Owego, NY Wedding

Recently, we photographed Stacie and Scott’s wedding and reception at the Owego Treaway Inn. Just look at the gorgeous flowers and reception design. Every detail of this wedding was exquisite and elegant.

Congratulations Stacie and Scott, for designing a beautiful wedding and a beautiful life together. We wish you a lifetime of happiness.