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A Year in Review: The 2010 Binghamton, NY Brides

The 2011 Owego Treadway Bridal Show

I know this blog should have come out at the end of December, but now that the holidays are over I wanted to take the time to show you some of the trends in bridal gowns we saw last year around the Binghamton, NY area.

So many Bride magazines talk about last year’s trends and then show you models in dresses they never wore to weddings that never happened. We thought it might be more helpful for you to see real brides in your area last year – doing what bride’s do best – GETTING MARRIED.

If you got married in 2010 and I don’t include your pictures below – please note that it is not personal or a statement of disrespect to your beautiful gown. We just photograph more weddings than I could possibly fit into one blog! Chances are you are on our facebook page or our website somewhere else.

So what trends did we see last year?

Layered/textured dresses. Most of these gorgeous gals chose dresses with layers or interesting textures to the material, rather than sleek tight fitting dresses

Strapless: We saw many strapless wedding dresses this year, and it made no difference whether the bride is a petite size 2 or in plus sizes. We say, wear a dress you feel beautiful in and don’t limit yourself based on size.

Low necklines and high necklaces: Even brides who didn’t choose a strapless gown seemed to choose lower necklines, with jewelry that hung close to the neck but was not a choker.

Did you notice other trends last year? Leave us a comment and let us know about it. We have photo documentation to prove/disprove your story.