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Bobbie + Andrew | Apalachin Wedding Photographer

Bobbie and Andrew’s wedding day was perfect!  The weather was GORGEOUS and Bobbie and Andrew are such a great couple and so obviously in love.  It was wonderful to see how happy they make each other.  Their day was filled with so much love and laughter and it was my privilege to share in their special day!

Bobbie has the BEST taste in shoes! 🙂



One of my favorite parts of Bobbie and Andrew’s wedding was that Bobbie had 2 wedding dresses!  She couldn’t decide which one she liked better so she wore one to the wedding and another to the reception.  Bobbie had personalized wedding hangers made at The Wedding Hanger Shop and they looked so great in her wedding gown pictures.

Bobbie and Andrew’s reception at Donoli’s Restaraunt in Apalachin was a blast!

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge | Black and White

I love this black and white picture from Michaela & Tim’s Engagement Session! 🙂

You can check out the other beautiful black and white photos at!

Photo Challenge Submission

The Binghamton Flood 2011

For those of you who might not know, New York’s Southern Tier just experienced a major flood, larger than the previous flooding in 2006. The devastation is staggering as we watch people try to pick up the pieces after losing their homes and businesses and loved ones. Our hearts go out to each and every person who sustained loss.

At Captured Emotions we were very lucky. Aside from losing power for five days, we sustained no permanent damage, lost no files, and while we couldn’t work on weddings with no power, we took the extra time to be with our families and mourn the loss of so many things here in the Binghamton area. Please be patient with us as we work on catching up on emails and posting pictures.

If you or your loved ones have lost your Captured Emotions wedding album or wedding pictures, please let us know. We are not a large enough company to  replace hundreds of portraits and albums for free, but we would love the chance to see what we can do toward replacing your memories.

If you or your loved ones were not affected by the flood, but you read our blog and would like to help those that were, please visit one of the following sites to consider making a donation or offer of help.

Binghamton Flood (community support page) on Facebook

God bless. Stay dry. Give generously if you are able.

A Wedding Photography Labor Day Tribute

Yesterday was Labor Day – and while my mind immediately jumps to the maternity version of labor whenever I hear the name of the holiday, this day is not about moms, but about all the workers (male and female) who give their lives to make this country, and specifically New York’s Southern Tier, a great place to live and get married. Thank you to all those often unsung heroes whose labor makes this life beautiful. Thank you.

Self-made Sunshine in Binghamton, NY

For taking pictures, a slightly overcast bright day is usually the perfect weather condition. If the sun is too bright, it makes the camera settings a bit of a challenge. If it is too dark and overcast, then we can’t capture that pure blue sky. But a nice amount of shade on a bright day hits the spot… usually.

What we discovered with Katie and Adam’s wedding, is that you don’t need to depend on the weather to have a bright sunshiny wedding.

Take one sunny bride, add one sunny groom, mix them up with a crowd of fun people who adore them and, voila – you have a wedding that makes its own sunshine. If you don’t believe me, just see for yourself.

Keep on making life bright and sunshiny Katie and Adam. We think you are off to a good start.

Fun Idea Friday: What to do with the tattoo

On Fridays we like to take a moment to talk about new and fun ideas in wedding planning, and we call it “Fun Idea Friday” – I know, super original title. This week is dedicated to the modern bride and her tattoo. It used to be that if you had a tattoo, it was expected that you would cover it up at a fancy event like a wedding. Depending where your ink lives, that could have meant anything from a cover up (long sleeves, shawls, gloves, etc.), to cover up (i.e. makeup to hide your tat). But as tattoos are becoming more socially acceptable, flaunting yours at your wedding becomes more acceptable as well. Our recommendation – be authentically you at your wedding.  Rather than covering your tattoo, there are lots of ways photographers can work around them, so they don’t show up in every picture. This may be of benefit for Mom or Grandma or your new Mother-in-Law who never approved in the first place.

You also might want to consider how formal your tattoos are and plan your wedding accordingly. Most tattoos will stick out much more at a country club black tie affair than they will at a casual outdoor ceremony. Some brides and grooms actually get tattoo wedding rings, or matching tattoos as part if their pre-bridal events.

So here are some fun pictures designed to show or shush the tattoo, whichever you prefer.

And these same brides, photographed the same day with no makeup or other tattoo hiding devices

If you are really into tattoos, you could follow Shannon’s lead. Her back tattoos were not entirely symmetrical so she asked a tattoo artist to come on her wedding day and use a sharpee to even out the tattoos for public viewing.

So stop stressing. Ink might just be the new pink.

Lisa and Tim Are Married in Cortland, NY

Lisa and Tim have known each other since high school, but finally tied the knot last month. Here are a few pics from the wedding, and a few well wishes for a couple who has already proven their longevity, even though they are still newlyweds.

Lisa and Tim’s reception was at Gatherings in Cortland, NY

Congratulations on a beautiful day and your beautiful new life together. Thank you for sharing your day with us.


Pretty and pink – Marisa and Harley’s Binghamton, NY Wedding

We’ve been told that pink is the sweet side of red, and after sharing in Marisa and Harley’s wedding with pink accent colors, we are inclined to agree. Here are some highlights of their special day.

Cheers to you, Marisa and Harley. We are so honored to have been able to share with you your special day, may your journey together take you through the sweeter side of life.

Fun Idea Friday: Photographing the First Look

We have mentioned the first look before on our blog, but after Nicole and Brett’s fabulous first look, we felt that this deserved to be a part of our Fun Idea Friday post. On Fridays we try to blog about something new or different in the world of weddings.

While this tradition isn’t “new”, we think it is something so fabulous it should be a part of everyone’s wedding day. Rather than waiting to see each other when you walk down the aisle, the idea of the first look is to find a private spot before the wedding where the Bride and Groom can see each other all dressed and ready to go –  and savor that moment as a couple. We had one at my own wedding, and it was so wonderful to be able to take each other in privately before our public debut. My only regret – the photographer wasn’t invited!

On the day of your wedding, taking time out to connect with each other is the perfect way to make sure you are focused on a marriage rather than a ceremony. A first look gives you an opportunity to exchange gifts with each other, to laugh together, to cry together, and to love one another without a crowd of people watching you.

Nicole and Brett had their moment in a park. Brett found a secluded place to stand and Nicole walked behind him and put her hand on his shoulder when it was time for him to turn around.

On her way to see Brett for the first time today

Waiting patiently for his bride

Choosing to have a first look is practical for the photographer, because it allows you to take more pictures of the couple before the ceremony rather than having to take time out of the reception. But more than just being practical, this tradition is intimate; a way to touch base with the one you love before you face your family and friends as a single person for the last time.


You can tell by their faces how much these two love each other. We were privileged to be a part of their day and can’t wait to stay a part of their lives.

Wedded Bliss – Nicole and Brett’s Joyful Binghamton, NY Wedding

Some weddings make you cry, some make you laugh. The best ones do both. But for this blog post we want to highlight a bride and groom whose ceremony and reception were so full of joy, we think you will smile just to look at them.

You may remember Nicole and Brett from their engagement pictures this fall. Brett proposed on a picnic in the park and we went back to the park for their engagement portraits.

Last weekend we had the pleasure of photographing their wedding as well. We hope you enjoy looking at the portraits as much as we enjoyed taking them.

Nicole and Brett, we wish you a lifetime of joy. Thank you for letting us celebrate with you.