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Sarah + Kevin | Albany Painting Engagement Session

I met Sarah & Kevin when he was a groomsman in Corinne & Bryan’s wedding and I was thrilled when they asked me to photograph their wedding.  I always recommend that my couples have an engagement session because it gives them an opportunity to get used to posing in front of the camera and it gives me a chance to get to know them better and figure out what types of poses they are most comfortable with.

Since Sarah & Kevin live near Albany and I’m near Binghamton, I wasn’t sure if we would be able to do an Engagement Session but I was thrilled when Sarah asked what I thought about doing their pictures at their house which they are fixing up together.  So we did pictures of them painting their house together and then went out to the park for a few minutes.  I just love how their pictures turned out.  🙂


Natalie + Aaron | Apple Hills Farm Engagement

Our first wedding of the year is this weekend and we are so excited!  These are pictures of Natalie & Aaron at their Engagement Session this fall.  We had the best time at Apple Hills with them and what’s not to love about a couple that can do the Dirty Dancing Lift!  Can’t wait for their wedding day!!!

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Fun Idea Friday : Pinterest

Planning your wedding can be so much fun, but for most people it’s the first large event they’ve ever planned and it can be really overwhelming.   There are so many great ideas out on the internet that you can use for wedding planning and the best way to keep them all organized is Pinterest!  If you aren’t on Pinterest yet, you need to sign up TODAY!  It will make your life so much easier as you plan your wedding to keep all of your ideas organized.

One of the perks of Pinterest is that you can search for wedding ideas on there and look at inspiration boards other people have created without having to know them or be friends with them.  But the people you ARE friends with probably have boards already that you can use for inspiration.  Ask your friends, family, your photographer, florist or anyone you are already working with for your wedding if they are on Pinterest.  I’ve been married for almost 12 years, but I still see great wedding ideas every day, so I keep a board of wedding inspiration for my brides to check out.

This is one of my favorite ideas I found recently on Pinterest.  What a great way to save your wedding bouquet!  You can read the full post with instructions at

So head over to Pinterest and start pinning away for your wedding! 🙂

Heather + Tom | Ithaca Engagement Photographer

Heather & Tom have a tradition of going up to La Tourelle Resort & Spa for their Anniversary and they decided this would be the perfect place to have their Engagement Session.  I couldn’t agree more!  La Tourelle is gorgeous and if you have the chance, I highly recommend you try out the August Moon Spa there.

The weather this past winter/spring around here has been crazy.  One day it will be 85, the next day we will have a Frost Advisory.  On Saturday, we had one of those crazy weather days.  It was beautiful, then it was raining.  The wind would be crazy blowing, and then it would go away.  During our Engagement Session we had a little drizzling, a little wind, but a LOT of laughs!  Watching Heather & Tom together you can tell how much they love each other.  The minute Heather looks at Tom, she can’t help but smile.  I am so excited for their wedding in September!

Heather had the same makeup artist who is going to apply her makeup for her wedding come to Ithaca and do her makeup for her Engagement Session.  If you are thinking about hiring a makeup artist for your wedding, check out Aubrey at Lashes, Locks & Lips.  Doesn’t Heather look amazing?

Amanda + Jason | Apalachin Engagement Session in the Woods

This is the winter that barely happened.  I love love love photographing snowy engagement sessions.  But this year, the Binghamton area has barely had any snow.  So when Amanda & Jason let us know they were ready to plan their Engagement Session, it had just snowed so we thought we might have a little bit of snow…but mother nature had a different plan and our snow melted the next day.

So Amanda & Jason’s Engagement Session was on the most beautiful, warm February day we’ve had this year.  They were so much fun to photograph and I know their wedding is going to be a blast! 🙂


Fun Idea Friday: For the Love of Dogs

On Fridays we like to highlight something new or fun for a segment we call “Fun Idea Fridays” and this week, its all about including man (and woman’s) best friend in your wedding celebration – after all, they are an important part of the family.

A few great ideas for including your pets but not letting them take over your day:

1. Have a pet wrangler for any event your pets participate in. Including your pets in egagement sessions is becoming increasingly popular, but the number one problem is that you probably also want to take some pictures as a couple – which is nearly impossible if you don’t bring another adult who can care for your pets while you focus on being photographed. If you decide to include pets in your wedding, you will also need a pet wrangler for the entire day.

2. Choose the role your pets will play wisely – your barely housebroken chihuahua may be adorable, but he won’t make a good church ring bearer. Sometimes having them make an appearance in your ceremony and/or reception is all you need. Not all pets are comfortable in strange places in front of lots of strangers and you want this to be a great day for your pet as well. If you choose to make your pet a wedding attendant, have a person assist them down the aisle (on a pillow, in a wagon, or with a beautifully decorated leash). This ensures they won’t get out of control (or relieve themselves on your decorations).

3. Bring treats! Don’t forget your pet’s regular food/water/potty times and make sure that if you include him in the ceremony or reception that you have provided plenty of treats to let him know he is doing a good job

4. Have a rehearsal just for your pet to explore the space and practice – with lots of rewards – doing whatever you ask him to do.

5. Don’t keep your pets with you the whole time. They will be overwhelmed and need a break from all the excitement.

Pets are a wonderful part of your family and if you are considering making them a part of your engagement session or wedding, remember to take your pet’s needs into consideration as much as your own. After all, for some of us, pets are people too.

Fun Idea Friday: Building on a Theme – Themed Engagement Pictures in Binghamton, NY

On Fridays we like to take time out from our regular posts to celebrate fun new ideas in the world of weddings, and this week is no exception. After all, who wants cookie cutter boring engagement pictures? Why not personalize your session with something that is ALL YOU?

This week we had the pleasure to do just that with engagement portraits for Amanda and DJ. Not wanting to stop at just one theme, they actually chose two.

First, they decided to have a retro, 50’s style theme. Just check out some of the adorable shots.

Why choose a theme, you might ask? Well themed engagement pictures are a perfect way to set the tone for a theme wedding. They can help your guests get in the spirit of the era before they even start thinking about dressing for the wedding. Another good reason is if you just love it. I just love to dress up in costumes and this would have been perfect for me. A third reason: you want to bring out the real “you”. Thus we arrive at Amanda and DJ’s second theme, working on the house.

One of their favorite activities is working on the house together, so what better way to capture them as a couple than to photograph them doing just that?!

Whatever your theme, we love to do new and unique things with your session, so just let us know your ideas. Our next Fun Idea Friday Blog might just be about you and your great idea!