Fun Idea Friday: For the Love of Dogs

On Fridays we like to highlight something new or fun for a segment we call “Fun Idea Fridays” and this week, its all about including man (and woman’s) best friend in your wedding celebration – after all, they are an important part of the family.

A few great ideas for including your pets but not letting them take over your day:

1. Have a pet wrangler for any event your pets participate in. Including your pets in egagement sessions is becoming increasingly popular, but the number one problem is that you probably also want to take some pictures as a couple – which is nearly impossible if you don’t bring another adult who can care for your pets while you focus on being photographed. If you decide to include pets in your wedding, you will also need a pet wrangler for the entire day.

2. Choose the role your pets will play wisely – your barely housebroken chihuahua may be adorable, but he won’t make a good church ring bearer. Sometimes having them make an appearance in your ceremony and/or reception is all you need. Not all pets are comfortable in strange places in front of lots of strangers and you want this to be a great day for your pet as well. If you choose to make your pet a wedding attendant, have a person assist them down the aisle (on a pillow, in a wagon, or with a beautifully decorated leash). This ensures they won’t get out of control (or relieve themselves on your decorations).

3. Bring treats! Don’t forget your pet’s regular food/water/potty times and make sure that if you include him in the ceremony or reception that you have provided plenty of treats to let him know he is doing a good job

4. Have a rehearsal just for your pet to explore the space and practice – with lots of rewards – doing whatever you ask him to do.

5. Don’t keep your pets with you the whole time. They will be overwhelmed and need a break from all the excitement.

Pets are a wonderful part of your family and if you are considering making them a part of your engagement session or wedding, remember to take your pet’s needs into consideration as much as your own. After all, for some of us, pets are people too.

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  1. love it! ❤ jenn

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