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Fun Idea Friday – The Social Wedding Network

It’s a whole new world we find ourselves in. Social media sites like: Facebook, twitter, and maybe some other ones I don’t know yet, are changing the way we interact.

But before you get the social networking blues and tell your Facebook friends that you need to take a Facebook vacation to get down to business on some serious wedding planning, consider finding ways to embrace all this great social media.

1. Become a fan of Captured Emotions’ Facebook Page – ok, so this is a shameless (shameful?) plug for the Facebook page. But before you close the blog, hear me out. Once you choose the vendors you are considering, become a fan of their pages. Many companies advertise specials and discounts on their social media sites and you can get in on the discounts. Although I am not personally a tweeter, I have also heard Twitter can sport some great deals.

2. Make a Facebook event page for your wedding. Update guests on parking, post couple photos, and remind them to save the date. If the Facebook event is not best for you, we also provide free wedding websites, so feel free to inquire. Keep in mind though, that your older guests may need some old-fashioned postal communication.

3. Link your Bridal registry to Facebook. Get fewer candlesticks and handmade doilies this way and more of the things you need. It’s easy for people to lose the registry information in their invitations, if you were able to ignore the etiquette books and include it in the first place. Adding it to your Facebook profile makes it simple for folks to find out what you really want.

4. Get help and ideas. Wondering what shoes to wear? Post your choices and let your friends decide.

Shoe Choice 1: Cowboy Boots


Shoe Choice 2: Zebra Striped heels

Shoe Choice 3: Flip Flops

Or, are you looking for something unusual for your wedding? There’s probably a page on Facebook with what you need.

Anybody know where I can find a good Bagpiper for the wedding?

5. Start writing small posts about the planning process. You’ll have a record of how you felt and you’ll get more help and encouragement this way. This might just be the best way to get last-minute help filling cones with rose petals the morning of your wedding because Sister Olga wasn’t able to organize the aid society in time.

6. Post honeymoon pictures while on your trip so we can feel like we went along, but you don’t have to actually take us with you. We’ll take care of posting a sneak peek of your wedding pictures on our fb page for you to enjoy after you come home

7. Tweet from your seat! Last summer I attended a theatrical performance in Richmond, VA where audience members were encouraged to tweet their thoughts during the performance. These tweets were then projected onto a screen so it became a part of the event. Maybe you could have the first tweet from your seat wedding or reception in Binghamton, NY.

8. Bring your Bridesmaids together for some online cyber bonding before your big day. But beware, they might just bond too much!

However much you decided to embrace social networking as a wedding tool, the important thing is to remember that your wedding needs to be a time of joy, not a time of stress. Embrace the joy.

Looking for more ideas? Check out 

Fun Idea Friday: Giddy for Green

This St. Patrick’s Day, I don’t know about you, but we were looking for a little luck o’ the Irish to rub off on us. So this week’s Fun Idea Friday blog is all about ways to add that touch of green into your wedding. Some of you may be looking for a subtle hint of green, and that is lovely, but if you are really looking for a green theme, we have some green pictures that just might knock your socks off.

So if green is your color, or one of your colors for your wedding, please enjoy these green ideas. We hope you aren’t green with envy when you see what other people have done in the realm of green. (what, too many green jokes?)

Ways to “Go Giddy for Green”:

1. Get started early with green engagement pictures

Nothing says green like this wall in Owego

Look at the way her green coat just pops in this picture. Spring engagement pictures look great with a touch of bright color.

2. Go for Green Bridesmaid dresses

3. Think natural green: add a touch of a green to your wedding with grass, trees, and gardens

4. How about a Green wedding cake?

Sometimes a hint of green is all you need

5. Where would your Green Wedding be without some green decorations?

6. Maybe you prefer to be more ironic and have a wedding on the green! (Tee hee, this one cracks me up)

7. Still not enough green? How about giving your wedding an entire Irish theme?

Aren't these flowergirls gorgeous? We think so, especially with all the green ribbons guiding their way

You must have bagpiping with this much green. Must.

The groom displays his claudaugh ring and Celtic cufflinks

Claudaugh toasting glasses round out an Irish theme

Why what are this Bride and Groom doing with this sword at their wedding?

Cutting the cake, of course. We don't know if this is an Irish tradition, but it was cool either way

Why wear uncomfortable tuxedo pants and shoes when you can wear a nice airy Irish kilt to your reception?

Whatever your preference, green is a symbol for life and new beginnings, the perfect accent color for your new beginning as a married couple. And, if a little bit of luck comes with it, so be it.

An Irish Blessing:

May you always be blessed with walls for the wind,

a roof for the rain, a warm cup of tea by the fire,

laughter to cheer you, those you love near you,

and all that your heart might desire.

Fun Idea Friday: Outdoor Weddings in Binghamton, NY?

Outdoor weddings? Really? With an average rainfall of over 38 inches per year in Binghamton, and the heaviest rainfall period in June, can this really be a viable option? The answer, surprisingly, is YES!

A return to the outdoors and a simpler more rustic elegance is exactly where brides seem to be heading this year, and while you may be more likely to be blessed with some rain on your wedding day in the Binghamton, NY area, you shouldn’t let that get in the way of your dream wedding.

This gazebo at the Owego Treadway Inn and Suites won't protect your guests from rain, but it will keep you nice and dry (and the sun out of your face) during the ceremony. Of course, you can move the ceremony inside to a ballroom fairly easily if you are blessed with a flash flood.

There are plenty of outdoor wedding venues with a rain backup location. The key is having a backup and making the decision to switch to the backup in a timely fashion.

One easy way to have a sure-fire backup is to plan the reception inside a pavillion or a tent. Then if weather doesn't cooperate, you can just move the ceremony under the roof.

It may not be a sure thing to plan an outdoor wedding, but you cannot manufacture anything to compare to the ambiance of flowers, trees, and a cool breeze. If your heart is set on it, don’t give up on your dreams. Oh, and don’t forget to hire Captured Emotions as your wedding photographer. (Just saying).

Fun Idea Friday: The Writing on The Wall at Binghamton, NY Weddings

Dynamic Lightscaping. Wall Monograms. Name projections. Uplighting. Whatever you call it, there is something exciting happening at weddings in Binghamton, NY and we are big fans.

More than just providing music, most DJ’s can now provide a whole lighting atmosphere, transforming your reception venue into something magical. Probably our favorite feature is the projected monograms or names on the wall. Check out some of the reception photographs from Jessica and Jon’s wedding at the Owego Treadway.

In this case their DJ was Jimmie Malone, who may have been the first DJ in the area to start offering this feature. (The House of Treasures did the decorating.) Did you notice all that gorgeous purple uplighting? Not part of the reception site or the decorations, but brought by the DJ. It comes in a variety of colors, and though we are only showing the purple lights here, Jessica and Jon had a rainbow of colors that changed throughout their reception.

Your wedding should project who you are to your family and friends – what better way than writing your name?

Let it Snow! – Johanna and Jonathan’s Southern Tier Engagement Pictures

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Not only are we pretty sure that contrary to the song, the weather outside is NOT frightful, we think it is perfect for some fabulous, unique, engagement pictures. And as you can see, the fire is indeed delightful.

We had the pleasure of photographing Johanna and Jonathan this past week, and mother nature cooperated with a beautiful winter backdrop for their engagement session. You just can’t create indoor photographs that match this kind of setting.

One of the benefits of using Captured Emotions as your wedding photographer is the free engagement session in your favorite location.  We can’t wait until these two become one next November.

Want more information about the happy couple and their big day? You could visit their free Captured Emotions Website,

or even better, choose us as your wedding photographer, and you could be visiting your own website instead.

If you live in NY’s Southern Tier, you already have the perfect setting for your pictures, so you are halfway there to beautiful engagement portraits. But winter will not be here much longer, so don’t wait. You can find us at