Enjoying your Engagement: Tools to make wedding planning a tad easier

So you are planning a wedding! CONGRATULATIONS! We plan to be at lots of weddings, and have even planned a few of them ourselves over the years. (I believe I personally have been a bridesmaid 8 times in addition to planning my own wedding). So while there is a lot to learn, here are a few tools that might be useful to take with you on your journey to marital bliss.

1. Theknot.com budget tool. You have to create a login, but it’s completely free to use the budget calculator at theknot.com, which means you can type in your total budget, number of guests, and size of wedding party, and the calculator will create a sample budget for you to get started with. Then when you actually start to purchase items, enter the real cost into the calculator and the budget automatically readjusts the amounts you have in your other categories. So for instance, you budgeted $1500.00 for a dress, but you find the dress of your dreams in your size off the rack for $800.00, the calculator will put the extra $700 into the categories you have left. Want to put that extra money into your photography (wise choice – we say), no problem. Just type it in. This saves a lot of calculating and helps you determine if paying $2000.00 for a wedding cake will blow the rest of your budget. Theknot.com has lots of other features, but this was my favorite feature way back in the day when I got married, and it only has gotten better since then.

2. Myregistry.com – it’s an online wedding registry that allows you to register for anything that is sold on the internet, no matter which site it is sold at. This will be particularly handy if you have a lot of out-of-town guests, as they prefer to buy gifts ahead of time or give you cash so they don’t have to carry your gifts around while they travel. It may not be as useful if most of your guests are local, as they will probably prefer to buy you something they can bring with them – and some at the last-minute.

3. Get a wedding planning calendar, like the one on wedalert.com. This will help you gauge when you should be looking for photographers, reception venues etc. I am sure there are lots of these out there, this one was for a 9-12 month engagement.

4. Start thinking now about marriage counselling. My wedding ceremony venue required it, and most pastors will offer this service for little or no charge. It is great to learn to communicate well and get to know each other better before the stress of planning a wedding overwhelms you both. It’s no fun to find out after the wedding that he doesn’t want kids when you do, because you never bothered to ask.

5. New to wedding etiquette? Check out the etiquette advisor tool on marthastewartweddings.com. This tool will walk you through wording your invitation, creating seating charts, etc. Of course, you get to decide for yourself how formal you want to be, but this can be helpful for first time wedding planners as a guide.

6. Best tool of all – talk to us at Captured Emotions. We are happy to point you in the direction of a DJ we enjoy or florists who do beautiful work. Of course, you use them at your own risk so do your homework – but we’ve been around a while and can make some suggestions of who to look at first. We are a little biased when it comes to wedding photographers, however, so don’t look for many suggestions in that department.

Have your own favorite tool? Leave a comment here and let other brides know what really worked for you.

About capturedemotionsportraits

Welcome to Captured Emotions Portraits. We are a family owned and operated special events photography studio with over 16 years experience. Our family founded Oakdale Images in Vestal, New York in 1992 specializing in quality family photography. We service the Vestal, Owego, Binghamton area as well as Northern PA. We LOVE to travel and are available for Destination Weddings! In 2007, Dave & Jeannette founded Captured Emotions Portraits to concentrate on weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs and custom album design. We have locations in both Binghamton, NY & Long Beach, California. At Captured Emotions Portraits we believe in capturing all the moments of your special day for you to cherish. We utilize a 2 photographer team to blend the Traditional Portraits with our unique Photojournalistic Images.

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