Before the Ceremony – Moments worth keeping

When you are planning your wedding, one of the last things you think about is that time on your wedding day before the ceremony, when it is just you and the girls (or guys if you happen to be a groom who peruses the web for wedding blogs or you are a bride with a lot of mans-maids or bridesmen). But that time together with your close friends may really be your last “girl” time together as a single woman and it deserves a little respect. You need these people in your life and getting ready together is a great way to make them more a part of your big day. Consider some of the following:

1. Get ready together – Have all your bridesmaids get appointments at the same hair salon and travel as a group. Or if that isn’t possible for financial reasons, get dressed together after the hair salon. Remember, chances are you can’t get fully dressed in a wedding ball gown by yourself anyway. Plus its nice to be pampered a little bit while people wait on you. But remember to go potty before you put that dress on – it’s not as easy as you think to use the facilities in a large dress.

2. Bring snacks or drinks or games – Why not celebrate together with a toast (best done BEFORE you put those fancy dresses on)? Maybe wedding themed mad-libs or a rousing game of Apples to Apples can help keep your nerves in check and your girls happy while you wait for the ceremony to begin. Consider mess free snacks like frozen grapes, dried fruit, trail mix. If you have an evening wedding you don’t want to discover during the ceremony that you forgot to eat anything and you are feeling light headed!

3. Choose your present for the bridesmaids wisely – It’s traditional to give your girls a gift since they probably shelled out a lot of cash for a dress they very likely will only wear again on Halloween, no matter how badly you wish one of them would sell theirs to you. Some standards include jewelry (buying necklaces and earrings for them insures everyone will be wearing the same jewelry and is more likely to be something they can use again on a special occasion), personalized items like totebags or compacts. You might also consider hiring a masseuse to come on sight and help everyone relax before you dress – it’s a gift that you can also give to yourself!

4. Include your mother – I cannot stress this enough. Your wedding day is at least 50% about how much your mother hoped this day would come for you and can’t believe it’s finally here. She probably imagined it as much as you did, and it’s a very emotional day for her to give away her baby. Give her the honor of putting your jewelry on you and helping you into your dress. If your Mom isn’t around anymore, think about the women who are important in your life and include them in your pre bridal moment.

5. Consider including a First Look moment – where you and your future spouse get to see each other alone one last time before you tie the knot. You get to see the look on his face when you walk in the room, but you can keep it all to yourself. (See our blog post on First Looks for more information).

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  1. That is so true! Even though most of the day is such a blur, I have fond memories of getting ready with my friends in the church nursery. I think all I ate before the reception was half a bagel!

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