Monthly Archives: February 2010

Sylvia & Oscar

What a perfect “Spring” day in January in Southern California!  So much love abounded as friends and family celebrated with Oscar and Sylvia.  The day was made complete with a beautiful Mass, a gorgeous backdrop, homemade Mexican gourmet food, a talented Mariachi band and a great DJ!  Every single detail was made with love and so appreciated.  It was a pleasure to take photos at such a wonderful occasion. You can see even more images on our facebook page or you can see all the images on

Natasha & Kevin

We had the best time at Natasha & Kevin’s wedding at the Owego Treadway.  They were such a fun couple to work with!  They got married in the New Bedford Room at the Treadway and Barb from House of Treasures did an amazing job decorating the room.

The New Bedford Room decorated for the ceremony.

Kevin before the ceremony.



Since it was unseasonably warm earlier in the week, we were all worried that they wouldn’t get the winter wedding that they had planned.  Luckily, a couple days before the wedding, we got just enough snow to give them wonderful outdoor snow pictures.  Congratulations Natasha & Kevin!

Natasha and Kevin at the Gazebo

Natasha & Kevin outside at the Treadway

The First Dance.